Friday, 28 March 2008

First brooch...done!

My first brooch everyone! Not the best picture I have taken admittedly, doesn't do my handy work justice! The piece consists of 2 layers rivetted together, the base sheet is silver, smooth and oxidised to a shiny navy, and the top layer again silver, melted. Between the layers I have 'trapped' a piece of geodite (?). I was inspired by cracks in concrete and stone, from the drawing project, and so transferred this into metal.

Easter holidays now! Hope to have a little go of making some bits and bobs, so if I do, I'll pop them up!

Till later x

Friday, 21 March 2008

Tying up loose ends....

Well this time next week, I can officially say I have completed my 2nd year, oh how very scary!! (Well, can't say that until the assessments after easter, but hey I'm hoping to wing it!).

Today I completed my final project for Teena, our arm piece inspired by a piece of literature.
And this is the result!...I took on 'Echos' by Pink Floyd (I love the use of metaphorical phrasing in the lyrics). I found the line 'labyrinths of coral caves' particularly inspiring, and the whole idea of echoing forms creating a labyrinth of shapes on the arm.
Each link has been saw pierced from silver sheet and domed, and connects together with a half circle piece of silver wire, balled and flattened to allow as much movement as possible. The length is approximately 60cm long and can be wrapped around the wrist/arm/neck and connects together with an adapted T-Bar catch.

I must say, I am rather proud of the result! Let's hope that Teena thinks the same! Hehe.

Now onto completing my brooch for Sarah-almost done! Just to rivet all the elements together and put on a steel pin, then I'll pop a photo up! Fingers crossed it goes okay.

Then by Thursday we have to have our 2000 Design History Theory and Practice essay hand-in. I chose the first question all about the meaning within jewelery and who gives it, the maker or wearer, eurgh for the tedious source searching.

Till later x