Sunday, 22 February 2009

Narrative project...

We have been given a narrative project, and to create a final brooch that conveys a message/ideal/story. A list of around 20 phrases/political issues etc such as 'Vanity', 'Globalization' and 'Until Death do us part' were given to us to choose from...and I chose 'Lust'. I'm already struggling with this project, trying to convey a message or story in a piece however subtly is baffling me a bit. However I keep having images from the Film Noir style popping up in my head... corseted woman, detective smoking cigarettes in the moonlight, shutters half open-streaming light and shadow into a space. Almost deception that can never be proved? All very up in the air at the moment! But I have got loooooots of images of shutters to keep me amused-maybe those will inspire me!

A lot of pondering still to do...

Till Later x

Friday, 6 February 2009

Research Project...result!

Finally, I have some actual jewellery to show for this year! Third year has been hectic, but all studio design based stuff, not much workshop goings on! Safe to say, now that this project has ended, my poor little fingers are in pieces, my nails are non-existent...! Got to suffer for your art...right?!

This is my final outcome from the research project...a spine piece-but basically a long brooch!

It is made up of several elements...all similar forms though! Nice oxidised silver and yummy 24ct gold plating...noooice! Think the black on gold, may be a recurring thing in my final year work next year..hmm...

Next project is due to start at the beginning of the week...seems intruiging- a narrative project in whihc we will be purely inspired by NON-RESEARCHED inspiration, so no books, no internet, just a poem/story to create images from! Time will tell how I'll go either one way or the other!

Till Later x

Monday, 2 February 2009

New York...

Think the picture says it all...

Will have a more descriptive post by next week, our current project is due to end-hopefully with a good result ;-)!

Till Later x