Saturday, 9 May 2009

Final 3rd Year Presentation...

This is my final presentation, minus a few labels and pictures! I went for the colour scheme that I used for my 2nd year presentation strangely!

Looking back on my work, I feel within my sketchbooks I definitely have my 'thing', but as for transforming that into my final pieces...that's been a challenge this year! Now that I am working towards my final year work, I feel I will definitely come into my own, as I don't feel constrained by any tutors brief, but working on my own! So hopefully my final designs will be much stronger. In saying that, I am very happy with my overall grade of a 'B'! Only one more step to an 'A' for next year eh?! ;-) Here's hoping!

Till Later x

PS. Having a Bachelors Degree is awesome-Lisa Murphy BDes !-now to get the Honours next year!