Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Presentation and Organisation...

Okay...so assessments tomorrow. Safe to say my stomach is churning at a million miles an hour. I'm quietly confident in my work, but then there is alway that what if! Heres hoping it will all go okay.

Think of me at 11.30 tomorrow morning!

Till later x

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Hollie said...

Fun fact : that was my desk in 2nd year. Also, I was walking past when you took this photo, I saw you about bending backwards over the desk behind to get it all in.

I was going to pop in and have a look at everyones work but I thought I would leave it till tomorrow, I didnt realise its assesments :( hopefully I'll get in before you lot pack everything away once they are done!

Good luck anyhoo, I'm sure you'll all be fine though x