Thursday, 12 November 2009

Explorational Drawings....

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A few research drawings that are being developed into proper designs. I like to work by drawing whatever is in my head onto paper and then develop and refine onto possible design ideas. In previous years being restricted to a brief and theme didn't allow this freedom and I struggled. But being in 4th year is great! Self directed study!

I have made a decision that I will not be showing final design ideas and pieces until Degree Show-need to keep the surprise element! Development I will show, to give everyone an idea of what I'm about, but not to spoil the surprise! (and hopefully it'll be a good one!)

Till Later x

The Goldsmiths Company-Precious Metal Bursary Design Boards

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After a few failed attempts on Illustrator I hope these boards represent my design idea pretty well! Rhino has truly done me in-but the overall impression works so I can't complain too much! Following will be a few more of my inspiration drawings for my final year work.
1 piece down...lots more to go before May! And dissertation of course.....

Till later x