Sunday, 9 November 2008


Pretty new double satin ribbon from John Lewis in a lovely dark plum colour, yum!

But more to the point,okay, I admit, I haven't been on here in quite a while!!! But honestly, we( the 3rd years) have been run off our feet with projects. We have been given a year long source project, gathering together a wealth of material-sketches,images etc to help inspire us throughout our coursework this year and into our final year for our degree collection.

In addition, we have just completed a project competition for the V&A in London-scary stuff! Though unfortunately the pieces did not have to be made, so I sat countless afternoons doing 3D work on the CAD packages Rhino-eurgh! The headaches that were caused by staring at a computer screen were countless!

However, now we have been given a project that should spark our creativity, and have some fun in the workshop too! The project named 'The Ring Exchange' will involve each designer designing a ring (simple or completly extravegant!) and create a set of 'instructions' through drawings and written information on A3 boards. THEN all our names will be popped into a hat, and will each be given someone elses ring to make! I can hear the groans and moans already (especially for me!), but it will be a learning curve, and perfect practise for commissioning pieces.

So this week will design a suitable ring! Hopefully something uber complicated and detailed! Mwhahaha! No, that would be mean though I know the other girls are thinking it too! Hehe! Nah we all love each other really!

Till Later x