Sunday, 9 November 2008


Pretty new double satin ribbon from John Lewis in a lovely dark plum colour, yum!

But more to the point,okay, I admit, I haven't been on here in quite a while!!! But honestly, we( the 3rd years) have been run off our feet with projects. We have been given a year long source project, gathering together a wealth of material-sketches,images etc to help inspire us throughout our coursework this year and into our final year for our degree collection.

In addition, we have just completed a project competition for the V&A in London-scary stuff! Though unfortunately the pieces did not have to be made, so I sat countless afternoons doing 3D work on the CAD packages Rhino-eurgh! The headaches that were caused by staring at a computer screen were countless!

However, now we have been given a project that should spark our creativity, and have some fun in the workshop too! The project named 'The Ring Exchange' will involve each designer designing a ring (simple or completly extravegant!) and create a set of 'instructions' through drawings and written information on A3 boards. THEN all our names will be popped into a hat, and will each be given someone elses ring to make! I can hear the groans and moans already (especially for me!), but it will be a learning curve, and perfect practise for commissioning pieces.

So this week will design a suitable ring! Hopefully something uber complicated and detailed! Mwhahaha! No, that would be mean though I know the other girls are thinking it too! Hehe! Nah we all love each other really!

Till Later x

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Monday Morning...

At the crack of dawn(well...8.30ish), both myself and my new flatmate Nicola Reed(also a fellow new 3rd year jeweller-see links) will be embarking on a slight, but also tiring trek back to Uni, where all the fun stuff will start back over again!

Safe to say we are both panicking tremendously over the unfinished summer projects we both have...let's hope we can do it in the remaining 4 days, minus of course the remaining few nights out in freshers week..!

So I am hoping to start posting a few more interesting blogs once I get back into the swing of things. Good thing is we have a kettle in the studio! "Hurrah!" Soo lots of cuppas to keep us going!

Till later x

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Affected lines...

(layer images on tracing paper...)

Okay, project...a week on Monday to go...really need to get a move on! (And I think I'm not alone in the last minute panic amongst my class!)

Being on the water is my thing, I love the feeling of sitting on the bow, with my legs dangling overboard, powering through the water,disrupting the natural rhythm. So I thought it only right to study for the pre-named 'Awakening the Senses' sketchbook (our task for this summer), was the thing that makes me feel most alive!
I have gathered some images of masts, stays, spreaders and general boaty'ness! I love the curved lines, lines that follow on from each other...almost liquid lines!

So at the moment I am studying line, and then affecting it by extending from the original projection and pushing it out so all the lines eventually connect, creating forms and structure, whether the lines be curved, straight or angled.

The natural projection of the free flowing curved 'stream' lines, featured in the design of water vessels I hope will help me design a piece or pieces of tablewear, that will sit comfortably, and be pleasing to the eye, because of the natural line progression....well thats the idea anyway!

Now to put my ideas onto paper...easier said than done!

Till much much later...x

Saturday, 9 August 2008

When time flies by...

Oh how I love the water so. The picture above was taken from the back of my dad's boat after leaving Lamlash bay in Arran on the West Coast of Scotland. To the right(outwith the picture) is the Holy Isle. Again...beautiful light, very inspiring...possible inspiration for the summer project? Will fill you in on that soon.....

Now I will leave you with the image of a little friend that followed us into the Marina after our exuberant afternoon....I'd like to call him, Sam the Seal ;-)

Till later x

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Beautiful light....

Being back next to the sea has many advantages, but my other half, living right next to the beach has the best view, a picturesque sunset, every single night! Good thing I had my camera handy!

Till later x

Monday, 5 May 2008

2nd Year...done!

I must say, I can't believe I am half way through University now.

Two years down, two to go. The hard stuffs just about to start.

But for now, I'm elated! Overall 'B' for my 2nd year, which is awesome! Will just need to make sure I keep up the practice over the summer, so I go into my 3rd year with fresh ideas, and good inspiration.

Off to see Aussie Pink Floyd tonight in the Clyde Auditorium, amazing music and amazing visual effects, bring on the photos!

Till later x

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Celebration and Anticipation....

After assessments yesterday (which I must say, I'm quietly confident afterward, which must be a good thing!) all the Jewellery ladies truly celebrated the end of 2nd year! Several cocktail bars, the union and the 24hour bakery here in Dundee-I would say a very good night!

Unfortunately, feeling sliiiiightly under the weather today, that last 'Woo-woo' almost definitely cause the headache I've had all day!

And so to tomorrow, once recovered from last night, I will have a 10minute review with the tutors to be given my grades for the semester, broken down into 'Presentation', 'Metalwork' and 'Research and Development'. Will update soon...

Till later x

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Presentation and Organisation... assessments tomorrow. Safe to say my stomach is churning at a million miles an hour. I'm quietly confident in my work, but then there is alway that what if! Heres hoping it will all go okay.

Think of me at 11.30 tomorrow morning!

Till later x

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Extra time...

...means extra pieces!

Well...above is two pieces(the ring is kinda fun, not serious!...Lettraset is awesome, though you do end up putting it on everything, as seen above!) from the 'felt project'. Okay, it wasn't a project as such, but Teena(2nd year tutor) gave us all 3 pieces of thick felt,cut from the laser cutter, and we all were given the same shapes.

Being the way I am, I wanted to get rid of the softness as soon as possible...and the general cream colour.(In addition to that, the foul smell from being cut with the laser, the outer edge was singed.) So after 3 coats of varnish, then black acrylic paint, then another coat of varnish I was satisfied! Then, I became influenced by the almost egg shape, and so saw pierced a piece of sheet silver, and then etched it to give a texture. Then riveted(and hid the rivetts ;-) ) the silver sheet on the front and brooch fittings on the back and tra-la!

Over easter, we were all given certain 'tasks'. I was to develop my skecthbook form the armpiece project(seen in an older post) and so made a small pin brooch(very cute!)...
and a ring(a bit rushed and not really planned...but another piece all the same!)....So that's about all I've got to show at the moment. Please excuse the rubbish quality of the pictures, the light in my room was dwindling, and hate using my flash with metal giving such a glare!

Wednesday assessments, eeek!

Till later x

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Home and Back again...

Back from spring holiday at home, too it easy for a couple of weeks, very easy! Enjoyed being back in my seaside town for a wee while, winding down from the hussle bussle of the city.

Unfortunately, it was too windy to get the family's wee speedboat out, and the larger boat was in getting some TLC after the winter storms hit the marina. I love being out on the water, its the ultimate relaxation/fun! This photo was taken on the way to Arran last summer, you can just see the Lady Isle to the right! The water was like glass-amazing!

Back to Dundee now and I foresee that this week is gonna be a busy one, because by next Wednesday after we have been assessed we will all be nervously waiting our results. Yesterday was quite productive! Managed to make another brooch(for the felt project) and a ring(bit of a fiddle, undecided if its going to be submitted or not!).

Today...not so productive, though I know I have to do some sketchbook work, to plan another couple of pieces to make this week, along with changing the clasp on my armpiece(picture featured on an older post) as the T-Bar isn't supportive enough for the weight of the piece.

Eurgh....stresses, though I'm sure, not as stressful as the current fourth years, less than 2 weeks till their degree show, so good luck guys!

More pictures as I finish the pieces, and even if your lucky, some final display pictures-if my presentation is any good!!

Till later x

Friday, 28 March 2008

First brooch...done!

My first brooch everyone! Not the best picture I have taken admittedly, doesn't do my handy work justice! The piece consists of 2 layers rivetted together, the base sheet is silver, smooth and oxidised to a shiny navy, and the top layer again silver, melted. Between the layers I have 'trapped' a piece of geodite (?). I was inspired by cracks in concrete and stone, from the drawing project, and so transferred this into metal.

Easter holidays now! Hope to have a little go of making some bits and bobs, so if I do, I'll pop them up!

Till later x

Friday, 21 March 2008

Tying up loose ends....

Well this time next week, I can officially say I have completed my 2nd year, oh how very scary!! (Well, can't say that until the assessments after easter, but hey I'm hoping to wing it!).

Today I completed my final project for Teena, our arm piece inspired by a piece of literature.
And this is the result!...I took on 'Echos' by Pink Floyd (I love the use of metaphorical phrasing in the lyrics). I found the line 'labyrinths of coral caves' particularly inspiring, and the whole idea of echoing forms creating a labyrinth of shapes on the arm.
Each link has been saw pierced from silver sheet and domed, and connects together with a half circle piece of silver wire, balled and flattened to allow as much movement as possible. The length is approximately 60cm long and can be wrapped around the wrist/arm/neck and connects together with an adapted T-Bar catch.

I must say, I am rather proud of the result! Let's hope that Teena thinks the same! Hehe.

Now onto completing my brooch for Sarah-almost done! Just to rivet all the elements together and put on a steel pin, then I'll pop a photo up! Fingers crossed it goes okay.

Then by Thursday we have to have our 2000 Design History Theory and Practice essay hand-in. I chose the first question all about the meaning within jewelery and who gives it, the maker or wearer, eurgh for the tedious source searching.

Till later x

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Stone Setting Project-Done!

I must say, I feel rather guilty..... The stone setting project finished over a week ago and I have yet to put up my final 3 pieces! No time like the present I suppose!

All three final rings feature an element of acid etching, to compliment high polished smooth surfaces. In addition, to add detail, I used random granulation with complimentary stone settings to meet the brief.

On to the next project. Or projectS!

Every Tuesday for the next four weeks, one of our tutors Sarah will be running a project with us to make a highly finished brooch-very exciting! I'm basing most of my ideas on cracks in walls!...weird I know, but I want to have multiple layers riveted with stones set and hidden at certain angles...hmm....I feel a sketch coming on!

The main project we're going to be working on is an armpiece inspired by a piece of literature, I am undecided on my exact piece, but as soon as I know I'll pop it up!

Till Later x

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Time flys by!....

I have noticed that I haven't written anything since November, shocking! So I better give a update on what I've been up to the past month and a bit! I have completed the 'Wire Project', basing my structure and brooch on light and shadow patterns through sketchbook drawings. My final 'brooch' had a sliding catch, so to attach it to the body, you moved that catch from its 'hidden' area to attach, and slide back into place when wearing.

And now for the next project!

The first of this semester(theres gonna be 2 overall) is a stone setting project where we have to complete a 'set' of 3 rings. So far I've just been developing my design sketches within my sketchbook, though I have made two rings! In silver! And I set a stone! Oh yes! All firsts, so I am very proud of myself :-D!

Till later x