Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Time flys by!....

I have noticed that I haven't written anything since November, shocking! So I better give a update on what I've been up to the past month and a bit! I have completed the 'Wire Project', basing my structure and brooch on light and shadow patterns through sketchbook drawings. My final 'brooch' had a sliding catch, so to attach it to the body, you moved that catch from its 'hidden' area to attach, and slide back into place when wearing.

And now for the next project!

The first of this semester(theres gonna be 2 overall) is a stone setting project where we have to complete a 'set' of 3 rings. So far I've just been developing my design sketches within my sketchbook, though I have made two rings! In silver! And I set a stone! Oh yes! All firsts, so I am very proud of myself :-D!

Till later x

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Rebecca said...

I love your rings! But I really want to see that brooch of yours. Dundee here I come. See you the saturday after next!