Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Resin Project, done!

After a mad rush to finish our project, all of us 2nd year jewellers now have 3 finished beads each...phew! We are gradually getting over the fumes from the resin and clearing away all our rotten fruit, safe to say the flys are not amused!
I am quite happy with my final 3 beads, they could have been better finished, perhaps more simplistic, but they link to my thought process throughout my sketchbook, so I'm satisfied!

My idea was to not look at the fruit itself, but analyze the description behind it, so I used descriptive words to identify areas of my fruit!(Royal Gala Apple..!)

Sooo, just got our new project today...going to be wire base, so studying line in the environment around us for some inspiration....not excited yet! But I will get there! Now, to be alot alot alot excited about, tomorrow we're getting a workship on brooch fitting etc, woohoo! Bring on the Christmas present making! Hehe.

Till later x

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