Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Dissertation Finding!

The Sketch Furniture series was developed by a company called Front in Sweden. A bit messy perhaps, but the process seems amazing, tactile and something if refined would be amazing for possible jewellery exploration. Similar to the haptics used by Anne Marie Shillito and the Tacitus Project at ECA(skecthing in a 3D space) but slightly different technology. Some might find it boring, but think of the possibilities of sketching your designs(or part designs), refining and rapid prototyping as a method of practice-much more exciting than Rhino3D!

Till Later x

Sunday, 13 September 2009


Image taken from dundee.ac.uk

Tomorrow, the beginning of my final year. Safe to say I am (and I am sure everyone else in my class is also) very very very very very scared/excited/nervous etc.

Bring on the next 8 months of extreme stress, worry, excitment and sleepless nights...and then the degree show.

I know too well that time is going to fly by, so to everyone going into their honours year....


Till later x

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Need to get a move on...

I like this picture.

Fail to prepare...prepare to fail keeps ringing in my ears. I am now back in Dundee and have two solid weeks before I am an official final year student (one week if you count Freshers Week/Week zero/matriculation as being back at uni)! I have a pile of books for my dissertation, a pile of stuff for practical work. I need some direction! You can imagine what is more tempting to do...hmm.

Ahhh. That is all.

Till later x

PS. Any motivational techniques?!

PPS. I also like this picture, can't remember where I found it, and it has been on my computer for years, I like rummaging through all my old files. Another distraction from doing work, oops.