Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Need to get a move on...

I like this picture.

Fail to prepare...prepare to fail keeps ringing in my ears. I am now back in Dundee and have two solid weeks before I am an official final year student (one week if you count Freshers Week/Week zero/matriculation as being back at uni)! I have a pile of books for my dissertation, a pile of stuff for practical work. I need some direction! You can imagine what is more tempting to do...hmm.

Ahhh. That is all.

Till later x

PS. Any motivational techniques?!

PPS. I also like this picture, can't remember where I found it, and it has been on my computer for years, I like rummaging through all my old files. Another distraction from doing work, oops.


Rebecca said...

Motivational techniques? I am the queen of procrastination! Hope you're settling back into the old college routine. I think I caught swine flu off you by the way - been unwell for a week, and you know that's not like me. All the best, and when can we expect you home?

Lisa J. Murphy said...

Oh nooo! I am soooo sorry! Hope your feeling a bit better. i am home the weekend of the 19th, but ging to a wedding, Richards Step-sister is getting married, looks liek its going to be a pretty amazing day! Bar that, I don't know! Depends how the work load is! Though will give you plenty of notice so we can do the coffee and cake thing ;) x

Rebecca said...

Leaving for London on the 15th, and I'm not going to be back until the 23rd. But have fun at the wedding!

Rebecca said...

oh, and part two of the story is up. The plot thickens!