Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Dissertation Finding!

The Sketch Furniture series was developed by a company called Front in Sweden. A bit messy perhaps, but the process seems amazing, tactile and something if refined would be amazing for possible jewellery exploration. Similar to the haptics used by Anne Marie Shillito and the Tacitus Project at ECA(skecthing in a 3D space) but slightly different technology. Some might find it boring, but think of the possibilities of sketching your designs(or part designs), refining and rapid prototyping as a method of practice-much more exciting than Rhino3D!

Till Later x


Holly Wilcox said...

look at you, two whole posts since i was last online!! loving the gold. see on the posting page, there's lots of little buttons with pictures that mean 'text' and 'add picture' and 'font colour'? if you know where i mean? next to the add picture button there's an add video one! Xxx

Dougie Kinnear said...

I like this, very interesting.

To post a youtube video, copy the text in the 'embed box' on the right of the video to the video. Go to your new post edit and select the 'edit html' tab then paste the code you copied from the youtube page. you can then go to the 'compose tab' and continue with your post (the code won't be visible) look at a preview of the post to check it's there

Lisa J. Murphy said...

Thanks Dougie! Simples! I knew there was a way of doing it, and I have used html before...just didn't consider using it!
PS. If its okay... may I possibly ask you at some point in the nearish to give me some Rhino and rendering tips? I'm not tooo bad at Rhino-but you seem to have it sorted! I may chum in on some 3D classes as a refresher, though safe to say its pretty much a learn by yourself thing, P. isn't that great at the tutoring part!:D

Holly, I will use any distraction from dissertation! You know that! Haha!

Dougie Kinnear said...

Just give me a shout next time you're in to speak about Rhino, I'm not around Wednesdays or Thursdays