Thursday, 28 February 2008

Stone Setting Project-Done!

I must say, I feel rather guilty..... The stone setting project finished over a week ago and I have yet to put up my final 3 pieces! No time like the present I suppose!

All three final rings feature an element of acid etching, to compliment high polished smooth surfaces. In addition, to add detail, I used random granulation with complimentary stone settings to meet the brief.

On to the next project. Or projectS!

Every Tuesday for the next four weeks, one of our tutors Sarah will be running a project with us to make a highly finished brooch-very exciting! I'm basing most of my ideas on cracks in walls!...weird I know, but I want to have multiple layers riveted with stones set and hidden at certain angles...hmm....I feel a sketch coming on!

The main project we're going to be working on is an armpiece inspired by a piece of literature, I am undecided on my exact piece, but as soon as I know I'll pop it up!

Till Later x


Rebecca said...

Oh, that sounds such an interesting piece! Can I be allowed to brainstorm with you on this one too? And I love the rings - as you know.

*ponders what her mother would say about applying to do a foundation arts course after graduating*

Can't wait 'til the 8th!

Abigail A. Percy said...

Hi Lisa...thanks so much for your note on my blog! I'm really sorry to have missed more of the jewellers too - I was under the impression that the jewellery dept students were being invited along as well - so it was a shame to get there and find out they were not {I figured it likely just did not get mentioned to you all though ;)}....

Yes, hopefully I will be asked back at some point in the future - otherwise, feel free to drop me a line any time and if you find yourself in Glasgow, just let me know and we can catch up for a chat if you fancy :)

enjoy the rest of your weekend! x

Hollie said...

why helllo there!

How do we find you today? I've probably already swung by to ask you this during the day at some point, but you can tell me again anyway :)

I like that a few of us have blogs, it'll make keeping up with each others work, once some of us leave, so much easier!

See you soon