Thursday, 11 September 2008

Affected lines...

(layer images on tracing paper...)

Okay, project...a week on Monday to go...really need to get a move on! (And I think I'm not alone in the last minute panic amongst my class!)

Being on the water is my thing, I love the feeling of sitting on the bow, with my legs dangling overboard, powering through the water,disrupting the natural rhythm. So I thought it only right to study for the pre-named 'Awakening the Senses' sketchbook (our task for this summer), was the thing that makes me feel most alive!
I have gathered some images of masts, stays, spreaders and general boaty'ness! I love the curved lines, lines that follow on from each other...almost liquid lines!

So at the moment I am studying line, and then affecting it by extending from the original projection and pushing it out so all the lines eventually connect, creating forms and structure, whether the lines be curved, straight or angled.

The natural projection of the free flowing curved 'stream' lines, featured in the design of water vessels I hope will help me design a piece or pieces of tablewear, that will sit comfortably, and be pleasing to the eye, because of the natural line progression....well thats the idea anyway!

Now to put my ideas onto paper...easier said than done!

Till much much later...x

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Rebecca said...

I do so like those lines in the top image...

Fantastic day, wasn't it? Sitting on the stones of the pier, with the sea breeze, looking and drawing, and looking again. And hugging our mugs of tea in your little car and munching on sandwiches. Good times!