Thursday, 24 April 2008

Extra time...

...means extra pieces!

Well...above is two pieces(the ring is kinda fun, not serious!...Lettraset is awesome, though you do end up putting it on everything, as seen above!) from the 'felt project'. Okay, it wasn't a project as such, but Teena(2nd year tutor) gave us all 3 pieces of thick felt,cut from the laser cutter, and we all were given the same shapes.

Being the way I am, I wanted to get rid of the softness as soon as possible...and the general cream colour.(In addition to that, the foul smell from being cut with the laser, the outer edge was singed.) So after 3 coats of varnish, then black acrylic paint, then another coat of varnish I was satisfied! Then, I became influenced by the almost egg shape, and so saw pierced a piece of sheet silver, and then etched it to give a texture. Then riveted(and hid the rivetts ;-) ) the silver sheet on the front and brooch fittings on the back and tra-la!

Over easter, we were all given certain 'tasks'. I was to develop my skecthbook form the armpiece project(seen in an older post) and so made a small pin brooch(very cute!)...
and a ring(a bit rushed and not really planned...but another piece all the same!)....So that's about all I've got to show at the moment. Please excuse the rubbish quality of the pictures, the light in my room was dwindling, and hate using my flash with metal giving such a glare!

Wednesday assessments, eeek!

Till later x


Nicola Wyllie said...

I love that little brooch!!! dont stress about wednesday...we will be fine x

Rebecca said...

Loving the new stuff. I showed the pics to a friend and she wants to know when you can start selling your work!

RE your comment on my bracelet/choker : I will make you one dearie - just tell me what colours you'd like on the 'flower'!