Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Goldsmiths Company-Precious Metal Bursary Design Boards

[Click images to enlarge]
After a few failed attempts on Illustrator I hope these boards represent my design idea pretty well! Rhino has truly done me in-but the overall impression works so I can't complain too much! Following will be a few more of my inspiration drawings for my final year work.
1 piece down...lots more to go before May! And dissertation of course.....

Till later x


Bianca said...

Looks good! I've never attempted Rhino yet, it looks so hard!

Lisa J. Murphy said...

Thanks :)
The soooner you try it the better! Get as much practice in before your final year, especially if you decide for get anything RP'd. It is also a very good way to annotate your designs in 3d if you struggle to do that freehand-especially for competitions :)
Hope 3rd year is going well for you!
Lisa x