Sunday, 22 February 2009

Narrative project...

We have been given a narrative project, and to create a final brooch that conveys a message/ideal/story. A list of around 20 phrases/political issues etc such as 'Vanity', 'Globalization' and 'Until Death do us part' were given to us to choose from...and I chose 'Lust'. I'm already struggling with this project, trying to convey a message or story in a piece however subtly is baffling me a bit. However I keep having images from the Film Noir style popping up in my head... corseted woman, detective smoking cigarettes in the moonlight, shutters half open-streaming light and shadow into a space. Almost deception that can never be proved? All very up in the air at the moment! But I have got loooooots of images of shutters to keep me amused-maybe those will inspire me!

A lot of pondering still to do...

Till Later x


Emily said...

I'm still pondering your idea about the kenetic element...I think it could really work well, it's just planning it out.

Will talk to you on Friday about your progress.

Em x

Lisa J. Murphy said...

Oh Emily, I heart you! I think you should become a proper tutor and be paid for all your good advice!! Hehe. We will DEFFO need you next year.....!


Rebecca said...

The cake is gone! Everyone loved it and was so amazed at what we had created. John was speechless and threatened to manufacture a little 'I love Rebecca and Lisa' badge.

He says that not only he will bring back Marillen conserve, but also the best Viennese chocolate and truffles.

You shall obviously have to come and help me make the next one!